Is It Illegal to Install a Buried Oil Tank at My New York Home?

February 1, 2024by greenseal0

Is It Illegal to Install a Buried Oil Tank at My New York Home?
If you live in Suffolk County, NY, there is a good chance that you use fuel oil to keep your home warm in the colder months. If you’ve noticed that there might be a problem with your existing oil tank, you may be curious about your options for installing a new one. For example, does the state allow you to install a buried oil tank outside your home? Lucky for you, GreenSeal Oil Tank Service is here with the answer to that question and more!

What You Need to Know About Buried Oil Tanks on Long Island
Is It Illegal to Install a Buried Oil Tank in NY?
The short answer is no, it is not illegal to install a buried oil tank in New York, but that doesn’t mean you should. It is generally recommended to install a new oil tank aboveground because your insurance company may not cover an underground oil leak, or they may drop your policy if you install a buried oil tank.

What Kind of Oil Tank Can Be Installed Underground?
If you’re considering installing a buried oil tank in Suffolk County, New York, the tank must be approved by the county because not every tank is suitable for underground installation. In Suffolk County, New York, a buried oil tank must be made from 10-gauge steel with a polyurethane coating and sacrificial anodes attached to the tank. The tank must be wired and have access above ground, so it is still possible to carry out a corrosion reading.

How Much Does a Buried Oil Tank Installation Cost?
The cost to replace an oil tank varies depending on the type of tank you want installed, where it will be installed, and the difficulty of the installation. The average range is $2800–$5000 for an aboveground oil tank installed inside your home. That said, an underground tank installation is much more costly than above ground oil tank installation.

Do You Need Your Suffolk County, NY Oil Tank Replaced?
The team at GreenSeal Oil Tank Service knows you may not want to look at an aboveground tank on your property, but you should have a complete understanding of the downside to installing a buried tank. You may encounter problems if you try to sell your house in the future, even if the tank is new or made from fiberglass. Also, most insurance companies do not approve buried oil tanks, and this can be a reason you won’t get insurance on your home.

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