As we exit the winter of 2017 -2018, GreenSeal oil tank service would like to remind Suffolk County residents that now is the perfect time to replace your old oil tank. If you have a buried oil tank now is the best time to have it abandoned with Foam or abandoned with sand. Of course, your buried oil tank could be removed completely by GreenSeal Oil Tank service as well. You could have a new tank installed in your garage or in your basement. Granby Oil tanks are a popular choice with homeowners. Granby oil tanks have three models to choose from the first is the Granby standard Oil tank which is a black powder coated 12 gauge steel tank that comes with a 10 year manufacturers warranty.

The second option is the Granby echo guard which is A powder coated off-white 12 gauge steel tank with a double welded bottom for extra protection and a 25 year manufacturers warranty. The third option is the Granby EcoPlus, which is an off-white polyurethane coated 12 gauge steel tank with a double welded bottom and a 30 year manufacturers warranty. The second and third models are primarily used outdoors since they have extra protection to guard them against the elements. GreenSeal oil tank service always uses galvanized steel fittings when installing oil tanks outdoors.

Another option for your oil tank replacement is the Roth double wall safety tank. It is a tank within a tank. The polyethylene primary tank sits inside a galvanized steel secondary tank for safety. If you are concerned with your oil tank leaking in your house or outside your house the Roth Tank is your best choice for peace of mind. GreenSeal oil tank service is an authorized installer for Roth oil tanks. Only an authorized installer should install your oil tank otherwise your warrantee is not valid.

GreenSeal oil tank service works in conjunction with the Suffolk County Department of health services and provide you with the certificate of completion for your oil tank abandonment. The oil tank abandonment certificate is important to keep in case you are selling your house. If you need a new oil tank or an old oil tank removed or abandoned call GreenSeal oil tank service at 631-928-1500 or visit us at