Are you a of Long Island or Suffolk County, NY resident who requires an oil tank removal? Removing your aging, damaged, or unused heating oil storage tank can be a daunting task, but GreenSeal Oil Tank Service is here to help. Keep reading to learn more about what our tank removal specialists suggest for removing your oil tank in Long Island.

What You Need to Know About Oil Tank Removal in Suffolk County, NY

Top Reasons to Remove Your Oil Tank on Long Island, New York

Besides the high heating bills and struggling to constantly make oil delivery orders over the phone during the busiest time of year, one of the most rewarding parts of saying goodbye to fuel oil as your main heating source is getting rid of the huge, rusty oil tank in your basement or on your property. These tanks can be located aboveground or underground, and they can pose serious environmental hazards if they have fallen into disrepair, been unused for lengthy periods of time, or started to leak. Instead of running the risk of spending thousands to reverse the ecological damage these stagnant tanks can cause, we recommend calling our GreenSeal oil tank removal team to come to take care of your old oil tank.

As home oil tank experts of Suffolk County, NY, GreenSeal Oil Tank Service provides a wide range of home oil tank services ,including Long Island oil tank installations, oil tank removals, and oil tank abandonment services, so you can be sure you’re getting the tank service you need, at a price that’s right for you.

The Risks of Underground Storage Tanks in Suffolk County, NY

If you suspect your home may have an underground storage tank, contact the professionals at GreenSeal Oil Tank Service immediately. Underground storage tanks can pose significant hazards to the environment, and they are more susceptible to leaks, rust, and corrosion, which all can lower the value of your property in Long Island. In addition to those risks, a lingering underground tank can cause disastrous contamination to the area, which could mean exorbitant fees to remove and clean up the damage.

The best course of action for removing your underground heating oil storage tank (UST) is to act quickly. Our expert team of experienced tank removal specialists will be able to assess the situation and give you an accurate estimate for the cost of a removal service or be able to recommend the best choice for your oil tank. To receive a FREE quote from us, click here, or use our contact form to learn more.

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What to Do with an Aboveground Storage Tank in Suffolk County, NY

Due to the risks of underground tanks, you may understand why most homes use aboveground heating oil storage tanks (AST). These tanks are typically located in basements but can also be located outdoors. One of the major benefits of keeping an aboveground oil tank is being able to visually inspect the outside of the tank for signs of wear as well as having these tanks serviced annually by professionals. Due to the technological advancements made to make modern oil tanks more resistant to damage, leaks, condensation, corrosion, and UV rays, these pose less of an environmental risk while on your property than an underground tank. Since most residential tanks are small enough to not be regulated, the burden of maintaining these tanks, replacing them every 15 years, and dealing with potential leaks falls on the homeowner. For this reason, some residents on Long Island are choosing to do away with their oil storage tanks in favor of a new heating fuel source for their homes.

Luckily, GreenSeal Oil Tank Servies helps residents of Suffolk County, NY with oil tank removal or abandonment services, so if you are considering either of these services, get in touch with us for a free quote.

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How to Remove Oil Storage Tanks in Long Island

Wondering about the process for getting your heating oil storage tank removed at your home in Suffolk County, NY? The average cost of removing an aboveground storage tank in New York State is around $2,600. If you’re interested in getting a quote for your specific situation, contact a company like GreenSeal. Heating oil is very toxic, not to mention flammable, so tank removal should be left to an oil tank removal professional. Storage tank removal should be carried out by a contractor that’s permitted to work in your area and is insured.

These are the usual steps for oil tank removal:

Extract remaining heating oil from the tank

The first thing an oil tank removal contractor will do is extract the reusable oil from your tank. If you heat your home with oil, you know how expensive it is. The leftover oil won’t go to waste; it can be filtered and reused. Some contractors will pay you for the oil or reimburse you for it by taking the value of it off of your bill.

Cleaning out sludge

Over time, rust, water, bacteria, and other refuse will settle into a thick sludge at the bottom of your tank. So, after the salvageable oil is sucked out, the next step is cutting open the tank with a metal cutting blade and carefully cleaning out the remaining sludge inside. Sludge is usually scraped out by hand and removed to a sealed drum in buckets.

Cut down tank and remove

After the oil has been removed and the sludge extracted, the next step is to cut the pipes and remove them from the foundation. From there, the oil tank will be either further cut down or carried out whole. No matter how thoroughly the tank has been cleaned, it’s still contaminated and cannot be removed to a standard solid waste station.

Transported to approved hazardous waste site

Qualified oil tank removal contractors know how to haul your old storage tank to approved hazardous waste sites where it can be treated and eventually sold for scrap.

Contact GreenSeal Oil Tank Service for Long Island Oil Tank Removal

Oil tank removal must be done by a qualified contractor. Please don’t try this on your own! If you need the oil tank at your Long Island home removed, get in touch with the experts at GreenSeal Oil Tank Service. Our company provides a wide range of oil tank services, including oil tank installations, oil tank removals, and oil tank abandonment. We offer a variety of oil tank sizes and models, and we can handle any project, big or small. We love having satisfied customers, and we look forward to showing you the GreenSeal difference!