If your underground heating oil tank is no longer in use, you must decommission it properly and safely. These unused tanks can pose problems for you as a property owner and the environment around your property. GreenSeal Oil Tank Service is proud to offer tripolymer foam abandonments, with no property damage, for buried oil tanks. This environmentally safe process is backed by over 30 years of successful testing, but why is it so important? Keep reading this blog post to learn more about oil tank abandonment for Long Island, NY homes.

What You Need to Know About Decommissioning Underground Oil Tanks

What are Some of the Risks of a Leaking Underground Oil Tank?

  • Contamination of surface waters
  • Contamination of groundwater, which could potentially be drinking water
  • Contamination of the soil on the primary and any adjacent properties
  • Collapse of old or unused underground heating oil tanks, resulting in sinkholes
  • Liability for contamination caused by a leaking tank, for environmental contamination and fire and safety issues

It’s important to remember that underground oil tanks can pose a hidden hazard to you as a homeowner and those in the immediate area. A leak from an underground oil tank can go undetected for months or even years, potentially leading to tens of thousands of dollars in damage to your property. Another issue is that if you ever want to sell your property, most buyers will not accept a home with an underground oil tank, even if it is no longer being used. For this reason, sellers are advised to deal with their underground oil tank before they put their properties on the market.

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How Should You Dispose of Your Old Oil Tank in Suffolk County, NY?

As we have mentioned previously, it is best to leave oil tank disposal and decommissioning to the professionals. Fuel oil is toxic and flammable, so you should leave this to an expert, such as GreenSeal Oil Tank Service. Every home’s situation is different, so your oil tank expert can guide you. However, as a rough guide, oil tank abandonment usually involves these steps:

  • Removal of remaining oil in the tank
  • Cutting open the tank with a metal cutting blade and carefully cleaning out the remaining sludge inside
  • Cutting the pipes and removing them from the foundation
  • Oil tank will be either further cut down or carried out whole
  • After oil tank removal, the oil tank is contaminated and cannot be removed to a standard solid waste station. Qualified Long Island oil tank removal and abandonment contractors know to haul your old storage tank to approved hazardous waste sites

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Do You Need an Underground Oil Tank Decommissioned on Long Island?

GreenSeal Oil Tank Service can help! Our tripolymer foam abandonments are approved by the Suffolk County board of health as a method of oil tank decommissioning. When you complete your tank decommission with us, you will also be supplied with a certificate of completion for your property records. We’re a trusted name in oil tank abandonment and can handle any project, no matter the size. Contact us online, or call us at (631) 928–1500 today, and let us show you the GreenSeal difference!